Workin’ Girl

Trying to find a job is a job in itself.  I sometimes imagine what my income would be if I got paid for every time I opened up my laptop, edited my resume, wrote a cover letter and visited the various job search websites out there.  Then I imagine how much I’d make for every job that told me that I needed more experience.  I seem to have more experience in being told “no” than anything else.  If you ever want to know how to NOT get the job, just ask me.

But the Lords of Labor have finally decided to cut me a little slack and for some reason, somebody has finally given me a job.  I’m now employed by the wonderful people at (insert clothing store here).  I have absolutely no experience in retail and the only things I’ve ever sold were chocolates for a school fund raiser in elementary school, snacks at summer camp and eventually brownies in college when funds and classmates were in need of elevation (I work well with food).  I’m excited to learn though.  But I’m more excited to finally have something constructive to do.  As insane as this may sound, the novelty of staying at home all day, eating various snacks, watching TV and taking naps does wear off.  Once you’ve had the frightening realization that you’re now too poor to go to free events, something has got to give.

Along with my job have come new responsibilities, of course.  I am now responsible for my phone bill and the electricity bill as well as the inevitable student loan payments that are coming in November.  I can deal with that I suppose.  For now I’m simply grateful to have something constructive to do now while I work on getting closer to my career goals and eventually becoming the kind of writer I dream of.  Baby steps.  Post-grad life is scary and gets depressing after awhile.  You wonder if you wasted 4+ years of schooling just to get a degree that you may never put to use.  I’ve had moments where I’ve kicked myself for getting a degree in creative writing and wonder why I couldn’t be passionate about something that was profitable.  But I am determined to take my God given talent and make it into something fruitful.  I never want to hate what I do for a living.  That degree WILL be put to use, got dammit!

Until then, my friends, if you ever need the hook-up on some hosiery, hit me up!

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