Live From The Hosiery Department: This Is The End

As predicted, my retail career has come to an end.  It seems that the big heads at the NORDSTROM (I’m no longer an employee so I can say the name) cooperation found a few tweets that reflected my distain for the company and my nagging department manager.  I gracefully accepted the separation, fought my very hardest against the urge to tell the HR manager to deep throat a barbed tiger penis, handed them my dressing room key and left.  So much for that.

But as the saying goes, “When one door closes, another opens.”  God must be used to my big mouth and my not so sugar coated writing getting me into trouble because on Wednesday, my old job at the school I worked for in the summer called me and asked for me to call back to set up an interview.  There’s also a school opening up in Queens that is looking for assistant teachers and they told me to send in my resume.  I really do miss working with kids and although the salary isn’t as much as I was making at the store, I’d rather be doing something I enjoy for less than doing something I hate.  Besides, at a school, I get my weekends back and Lord knows that I miss those with every fiber of my being.

The job at the school won’t be forever but it’s a step in the right direction when it comes to using my degree that has acquired me thousands of dollars in student loans to pay off.  I didn’t spend hours and hours in class just to sell over priced sheer stockings to elderly women that are just going to return everything two weeks later.

I’ll miss a couple of the people I met through the job but I’ll charge it to the game and I wish you guys the best (Jazmyne, Chloe, Sandy).  As for everybody else, fuck you.  =] (especially my manager for making me come in this morning, knowing what was about to happen.)

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