Part Three

“So how was dinner last week?”
“It was alright. But he’s been acting funny lately.”
“Funny? Funny how?”
“Distant. He’ll be in the room with me, but be all the way in Australia at the same time.”
“What? Like on Skype or something?”
Kelly was trying her best to make me laugh. She usually did a great job at that. But tonight I was too distracted.
“Did you talk to him about it?”
“I’ve tried and all he says is how he’s fine and just tired.”
“Hmm well he may be just that. He works and he’s in school. You know how you get tired sometimes, too.”
“You’re right.”
I played with the straw in my drink. The ice clinked in the glass. I was too distracted to eat anything even though I had ordered my favorite burger. Kelly and I decided to go out to dinner and enjoy the nice weather in the city this evening. She insisted and told me that I couldn’t stay inside all week, especially since Ryan was acting strange. She knew I’d torture myself if I stayed in my apartment. However, my brain was still frantic with why he was acting so strangely. I knew that men had mood swings just like women did, and he was a Pisces. Pisces are infamous for their moody behavior.
“Sam, stop it.”
“I’m sorry. Okay you have my full attention. Enough about me. What is happening with you?”
She smiled and began to gush about her newest beau. Kelly always had a guy. A guy for each day of the week. She didn’t believe that a committed relationship with one guy was for her. I always figured she’d grow out of that but I’ve known her for 10 years and she hasn’t had a single relationship. But she was happy. Maybe thats what I needed to do. Who would I be kidding though? I knew I was a relationship type of girl. I was not made for casual sex. I thought about how quickly I fell in love with Ryan.
“You’re not listening.”
“I am! He took you to that new sushi spot.”
She lifted her right eyebrow in that way she’d always had done since we were younger. I knew I wasn’t fooling her. She knew that I had learned to selectively listen to her. I would listen just enough in order to repeat details. I hated when Ryan did that to me so I could only imagine how much my own best friend hated it.
“I give up. You’re in Australia right along with Ryan right now. Go see him. Talk to him.”
“No! I’m out with you tonight!”
“No you aren’t,” she laughed “You’re where ever he is or at least wishing that you were. Its fine. I know how you women in relationships are.”
I felt badly but she was right, in that way that best friends usually are. After I had my food wrapped up and put in a carry-out container, Kelly and I parted ways outside of the restaurant and I began my trip towards Wood Grove Apartments. I tried calling him, but there was no answer. Maybe he was asleep. I knew where he hid his spare key so I parked and headed into the building. The elevator came quickly and I pressed the button for the 3rd floor. I got off and found his key under the right corner of his welcome mat. I opened the door and the apartment was dark. I took off my shoes and tip toe to the bedroom. He was asleep. I smiled and watched him for awhile. I undressed and took one of his t-shirts out of his dresser and put it on. I climbed into bed and cuddled closer to him. He sighed, wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. No matter how angry he made me or I made him, these moments made everything worth it. I felt him place a soft kiss on my forehead and I put my face in his chest. I inhaled. Then inhaled again. And again. That scent. Where had I smelled it before?

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