It’s New Year’s Eve. 2013 is coming to an end. I wasn’t sure up until five minutes ago, whether or not I’d bother with doing an end if the year post. For one, I’ve been blogging from my phone because my laptop is on the fritz and so my desire to type paragraphs on this tiny keypad is pretty much nonexistent. But what the hell. I guess I’ll share a few thoughts on how the year has gone for me and maybe even a few on what I’m hoping for in the next year. So here we go…
For starters, one of my greatest accomplishments happened this year when I finally graduated from Morgan State University with a BA in English. As much as I complained about my HBCU experience, I’m grateful for it. I learned more about myself as a young black woman at that school than I had ever expected to anywhere else. I made life long friends and plenty of mistakes that turned out to be lessons as well as inspiration for some of my writing. I have no regrets. And as afraid as I am about life after college, and all the debt that I’m in, it was worth it.
Friendship was a big part of this year. I met and welcomed a few people into my life that I would have never imagined knowing and loving. Unfortunately, with a few gains, there was a loss and I learned that sometimes, friendships aren’t as strong as you thought. But that doesn’t change the amount of love that was once there, as much as you may like it to. But I’d like to acknowledge the rebirth and growth of one friendship in particular. Sam, Shanté, Antoinette, and Yemi. You four have been at the center of EVERYTHING this year. I’ve known you ladies forever but in 2013, our bond has strengthened and so much of my growth has been thanks to you. Tears, laughs, shade and beyond, 2013 WAS our year. Thank you. I love you.
As for my love life, it remained a tragic, humorous, mess but that’s okay. This year wasn’t meant to be about me focusing on a guy. It was meant to be about me focusing on me. I wish I had realized it sooner. I have grown in 2013 but there is still more to do. Love is beautiful but love is not exclusive to romantic love. So, yes, my romantic endeavors had a few set backs. But I got all the love I needed this year from my family, friends and myself. I hope that continues into the next year and so on.
I hope to be braver in 2014. I hope to take chances and live. I hope to work harder so that I may enjoy my triumphs that much more when they happen. I want to start adding the delicious toppings to the already awesome, cheesy pizza that I am. Not a new me, but a better me.
Thank you 2013 for your lessons. Thank you for the people that have come into, left and stayed in my life. Thank you for reading my blog! Now let’s go be pizzas!

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