That New-New

Happy New Year, guys and gals!  I hope your holiday season was filled with love, joy, food, booze, and what ever else tickles your fancy and makes your spirit smile.  I know mine was.  But first….

Notice anything different?  Anything missing?  I’ll wait.  Figure it out yet?

I AM NOW A .COM SITE!  Check me the fuck out!

I know I’ve been absent for some time now.  I hope I was missed and I’m sorry for being so negligent.  If any of my readers are writers, you know how it is when you’re in a rut.  I’ll be honest with you, I got lazy.  Nothing was happening in that part of my soul that makes me want to write.  It was like I’d fallen asleep in class.  Not to mention, my laptop decided that she’d had enough of me and refused to work with the kid for some time.  Thats no excuse though.  I allowed myself to stray away from my passion.  I became stagnant which is so not fetch.  But I’m back with a new attitude and a new drive (and a new laptop).

Many times, New Year’s posts are about reflection.  My fellow writers have written about reflecting on the lessons they’ve learned in the past year, things that were happy, things that were sad.  And while I’ll give a quick nod to the events of 2014 in this post, I want to also put in writing all of the things that I want for myself in 2015.  I want to write it down, type it up and put it out into the universe for me to snatch and grab on to for the next 361 days of 2015.  But first, here is my brief review.

In 2014 I…

  • Got a full time job (BIG MONEY! [not really])
  •  continued to acknowledge that Beyoncé remains queen of the world
  • made amends with a friend
  • strengthened my relationship with my mother (a little.  still work to be done)
  • strengthened my relationship with my gals
  • received analingus for the first time and enjoyed it
  • got a boo-thang (hi, squishy)
  • saw Lavel for the first time since I left Baltimore
  • got drunk
  • got high
  • got pizza
  • laughed
  • loved
  • cried

It was a colourful year for me, I must say.  However, I’m more excited about what I plan on doing in 2015 that will hopefully kickstart more plans for the rest of my life as a twenty-something as well as bring the good things from 2014 with me.  For starters, I dropped that dingy “.wordpress” from my URL!  And now, I want for my full time job to lead to my settling into a career that I love and enjoy.  I want to get better at saving so that I can tell Sallie Mae to fuck off.  I want to travel and fill my passport with stamps and my photo albums with memories.  I want my relationships with my family and friends to continue to grow and change and be beautiful.  I will try to moderate my pizza intake because I want a body like Pam Grier’s in her prime (God willing).  I will stop blocking my blessings and allow a man that has been right under my nose for about a year into my life and we will be happy and I will let him give me orgasms regularly.  I want to be a more positive person and spend less time beating myself up, but instead build myself up.  I WILL WRITE MORE!  I want to continue to connect and build bonds with other beautiful black women who write or draw or paint or play a sport or sing or whatever because sisterhood is crucial. I want to learn more.  I will build my relationship with my God and be more spiritual.

I want it all and I want to keep believing that in 2015 I can and will have it all as long as I keep this attitude going.  That is most important.  I want to hold on to the good feeling I’ve had so far.  Too often I let my bad feelings suck me into a dark place and I neglect the people and things I love, myself included.  I do not want that anymore.  So here we go.  May the year 2015 be in my favor.  Happy New Year!

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